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San Diego
< See all openings ClickUp is a product led growth company that, up until 2020, has spent $0 on sales or marketing and grew purely from organic, viral growth as users discovered, grew to love, and shared our software. This product has carried us from 0 to over 200,000 teams in 2.5 years. By all measures, we are the fastest growing work management platform in the market.

The analytics team is looking for a passionate and talented Data & Product Analyst to help us answer interesting questions about our data. You’ll be helping us power our business intelligence, data science, and machine learning projects to empower us to get 1% better every day!

At ClickUp data is the key driver behind the decisions we make every day. Our teams rely on accurate and up to date data to measure their success and to build a better product. An ideal candidate would have strong SQL skills, experience creating high quality dashboards from scratch, and the ability to answer challenging business/product questions through the use of a data warehouse and raw data sources.

Collaboration and teamwork are vital to how ClickUp operates. A significant portion of your responsibilities will include working closely with members of other teams to uncover their analytics needs and create accurate, high-quality analyses to answer their most interesting questions.
The Role:
  • - Computing metrics and KPIs related to operations and product usage, to help team leaders track the state of the business is real time.
  • - Answering product usage and business questions through data transformations and research.
  • - Working with data engineering to implement continuous delivery pipelines and validation of data.
  • - Analyzing large, complex and sometimes unstructured datasets to generate actionable insights.
  • - Provide strategic insights and analysis guidance to team leaders.
  • - Translating complex analytical findings into easy-to-understand insights and recommendations.
  • - Presenting findings to the Product, Marketing, Sales, and Operations teams.
  • - Data Stack: AWS, Snowflake, SQL, Postgres, BI tools.
  • - 1+ years experience of data analysis and BI report building.
  • - A strong understanding of software business principles and metrics.
  • - Experience working with BI tools (Tableau, Looker, QuickSight).
  • - Advanced knowledge of SQL transformations and relational databases.
  • - Experience with time series analysis.
  • - A strong self-starter, operationally-focused; a problem-solver.
  • - Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills.
  • - Bonus Experience: SaaS product experience, management consulting, product UX/management.
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  • You resonate with ClickUp’s core values
  • You want to make a big impact
  • You consider yourself GREAT
  • You value working hard and working smart
  • You enjoy solving inefficiencies and are self-motivated
  • You enjoy a fast paced, high growth environment
  • You appreciate urgency over perfection
  • You love ClickUp

About You

If you love what you do and wake up excited, you'll fit right in!


Just some of what we provide.
  • Opportunity to earn equity in fast growing company
  • New MacBook Pro
  • Health insurance (100% of premium paid)
  • Dental insurance (100% of premium paid)
  • Opportunity for cash bonuses
  • Commuter benefits
  • Team lunches each week
  • Unlimited snacks & drinks in office
  • Continued learning (Access to tons of paid courses)
  • Unlimited kombucha and cold brew on tap
  • 401k with 100% employer match up to 2% of annual salary

Our six step process.

🔍 Review
Applicants are reviewed to ensure a good fit.
👋 Initial Interview
We want to get to know you better!
📥 Mini Project
A project for the team you’re applying for is distributed.
🤓 Final Interview
This interview is conducted with team leads.
💰 Offer
A carefully tailored offer is sent to the candidate.
🚀 Career Launch
Blast off into the future of productivity and unlimited possibility!
core values

Core values.

Not only the best customer service in the industry, we provide the best customer service experience our clients have ever had.
Empower ourselves to fix problems and say YES.
Normal sucks.
Progress towards perfection.
Work smarter AND harder.
Grow 1% every day.
Be direct.
Remember shit, create a system.
Random acts of kindness.
Urgent and optimistic.

Life at ClickUp

San Francisco, San Diego, and across the globe.
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Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
Life at ClickUp
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