VP of Security

San Diego
< See all openings ClickUp is an entirely product-led growth company, spending $0 on marketing and only growing from the viral nature of people sharing and using the platform. ClickUp is the fastest growing productivity app, growing to 200,000+ teams and a $1 billion 🦄 valuation in under 3 years. By all measures, we are the fastest growing team project management app - and can attribute most of this to the product.

The product is the first of its kind that works for everyone—from families to Fortune 500 companies. In December 2020, the business raised $100M through a Series B. To date, they have raised $137.5M, led by David Sacks of Craft Ventures and Georgian.

You will work closely with legal, engineering, product, and support to deploy, manage, and maintain a highly secure and fault tolerant environment. You'll also be a strategic partner working directly with the CTO, COO, and CEO.
The Role:
  • - Work closely with the business to architect and roadmap a comprehensive and scalable information security program. The principle role of the Vice President of Security will be to manage the development, deployment, and implementation of scalable security solutions for a cloud-native, SaaS business.
  • - Build a transparent, well-documented, and well-developed security program across the company.
  • - Deploy the appropriate technical frameworks to craft a viable defense-in-depth posture for the business. One that is appropriate and scalable for ClickUp’s cloud-native business, building and managing a team to protect a geographically dispersed business and operating environment.
  • - Partner with legal, engineering, product, and support to deploy, manage, and refine the information risk model with a special emphasis around operational resiliency, recommendations for technical hardening to include cloud-and container-based security controls, data privacy and data residency considerations, security awareness, and insider threat principles.
  • - Oversee all regulatory and compliance practices, IT security procedures, and employee security awareness and training programs.
  • - Respond to and manage security incidents and ensure that they are appropriately addressed, that threats are mitigated, that vulnerabilities remediated, and that after-actions are documented and reported in a timely fashion, as appropriate.
  • - Deliver regular and timely periodic reporting to satisfy state, federal, and international requirements of regulatory agencies, customers, and ClickUp investors.
  • - Develop and establish critical business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for the security function to measure and report on within the business, to the senior leadership team, and to the Board of Directors, as appropriate.
  • - 7+ years of tangible and diversified experience working across risk management, information security, and application security engineering and security leadership roles.
  • - Experience in a high-growth SaaS ecosystem, capable of demonstrating knowledge and a point-of-view for  securing ClickUp’s core technologies and database systems.
  • - Maintained technical and functional security competencies to instill confidence within and across the business.
  • - Knowledge of and experience working with security solutions within the Amazon Web Services ecosystem (Elastic Beanstalk, CloudFormation, Ec2, etc.). Other cloud provider experience would also be valuable for this opportunity.
  • - Have a referenceable track record for optimizing and scaling an agile organization, and be comfortable integrating security best practices into the CI/CD pipeline iteratively.
  • - Be familiar with relevant security compliance certification standards across industry verticals. They will possess the ability to advise on complex regulatory and business structures involving risk, internal controls, legal and regulatory requirements as they relate to security.
  • - Exceptional professionalism, integrity, and dedication with a high-level of energy, and excellent oral and written communication skills capable of distilling complex security challenges into easily digestible components for the benefit of senior leadership.
  • - Be a strong communicator, who is unafraid of conflict, and can hold teams accountable.
  • - Possess a high-level of engagement, maintain industry and role specific insights capable of creating competitive advantage for the business, and be highly resilient.
  • - Be curious, strategically-oriented, and capable of executing tactical vision under aggressive timelines.
  • - Impressive poise and presence under stressful situations, who possesses the requisite conviction, tenacity, formal and informal influencing skills to navigate challenges related to organizational evolution, business transformation, and commercial growth.
  • - Be an innovative thought-leader in the security space, capable of fostering consensus, engendering loyalty, and holding individuals to high-standards.
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  • You want to learn how the real world works
  • You pride yourself on your creative skill set
  • You’re interested in learning from diverse thought leaders
  • You want to create unique, personal content
  • You implement constructive feedback & learn from your peers
  • You want to gain experience somewhere where you’ll make an impact
  • You consider yourself GREAT

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If you are hungry to learn, wake up excited, and want to make an impact in the world you'll fit perfectly.


Just some of what we provide.
    • Team lunches each week
    • Unlimited snacks & drinks in office
    • Continued learning (Access to tons of paid courses)
    • Unlimited kombucha and cold brew on tap
    • 401k with 100% employer match up to 2% of annual salary
    core values

    Core values.

    Not only the best customer service in the industry, we provide the best customer service experience our clients have ever had.
    Empower ourselves to fix problems and say YES.
    Normal sucks.
    Progress towards perfection.
    Work smarter AND harder.
    Grow 1% every day.
    Be direct.
    Remember shit, create a system.
    Random acts of kindness.
    Urgent and optimistic.

    Life at ClickUp

    San Francisco, San Diego, and across the globe.
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    Life at ClickUp
    Life at ClickUp
    Life at ClickUp
    Life at ClickUp
    Life at ClickUp
    Life at ClickUp
    Life at ClickUp
    Life at ClickUp
    Life at ClickUp
    Life at ClickUp
    Leader Spring 2020 ClickUp
    99.99% uptime the last 12 months
    Serious about security & privacy
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