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Project Management for Remote Work

Project Management for Remote Work
Remote work is any work that can be done remotely — you don’t have to be physically present in an office to do the job.
“Any” work?
Pretty much! 
Some tasks you can do remotely include:
  • Content writing
  • Software development
  • SEO and digital marketing
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Financial analysis
  • Legal work
  • Customer support
  • Tech support
But how is it different from in-office work
To start with, you’re not in an office! But as for the tasks themselves, there’s no major difference!
Working remotely on any task is pretty much like working from a traditional office. 
I mean, you’re not going to find an entirely new way of accounting just because you’re doing it from your house, right?
What can’t I do remotely?
Naturally, you can’t perform any tasks that require you to be physically present.
If you have a remote workforce, you'll need a task management tool to help you track task progress.
Here’s a simple workflow to manage your entire remote team with project management software:
Project Management for Remote Work

1. Assign tasks to your remote team

A task management system makes it super easy to assign tasks to everyone in your remote team.
You can:
  • Add tasks and assign them to specific team members
  • Add and assign subtasks within those tasks to make them easier to tackle
  • Assign priorities to everything to ensure that your tasks are attempted in the right order
However, that isn’t all.
You may want to look for task management software that will allow you to publicly share your tasks to share them with full-time employees and non-team members. For example, you can share relevant tasks with clients and freelancers without worrying about compromising your privacy.

2. Easily check task statuses

Keeping up with your project’s progress is difficult when you’re working from home, right?
Not with a task management tool!
  • Use a Kanban board view where your task list is presented as cards (like Trello boards)
  • Create a long task list where your tasks are presented in a task list that can be checked off as you progress.
As each of these views sorts your tasks according to the status they’re in, you won’t ever be confused about how things are moving.

3. Have conversations with your team

Look for task management software that helps you communicate with your team! Some project management tools will include dedicated comment sections to facilitate real-time collaboration. They can share files, links and any other information to keep everyone updated.
You can even tag team members and ask them for a task status to them to make sure they take action on your comments immediately.
Look for a task management tool that will connect with any other tools that you use, whether it be a messaging app or cloud-based file management software so you can always stay connected!

4. Track your team’s productivity

Many project management tools help you track the time your team spends on each task. You can use these tracking reports to determine what’s taking your team so long and step in to help prioritize tasks if you need to!
You may want to explore software that also integrates with popular time tracking apps to ensure that you can always monitor productivity – no matter what task management app you choose!

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