Project Management 101

ClickUp's guide to all things project management.

Project Management Software

Project management tools help project managers and teams manage their projects effectively. 
These tools help you:
  • Schedule your project plans
  • Assign tasks
  • Monitor your progress
  • Collaborate effectively with your team and external parties
  • Budget your expenses
  • Track your time
  • And everything else involved in the project management process!

Task Management

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Project Management

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Software Development

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Create a million-dollar marketing plan! Learn more about how project management software can help you track all of your marketing efforts!

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As projects have become increasingly complex, project management tools have evolved to cope with them. Project management software needs to take care of all the aspects of project portfolio management.
The goal of any project management tool is to give your team a centralized space to manage all your team activities. From planning to execution - your management tool is supposed to handle everything.
Project management software is designed to be your home base: it helps you know what to do, when to do it, and how much of it you need to do!
Ever wonder why there are so many articles on project management software?
It’s because everyone uses it!
But doing something just because everyone else does is never a good idea; so, here are a few reasons why you need project management software:
Project Management Software

A. Better Organization

If all your project management activities are handled within the same app, it’s going to be easier to organize everything, right?
You won’t be switching from here to there trying to manage everything. All you need is neatly stored and categorized inside the same app
If you have a recurring task that you need to remember, or a Gantt chart that needs to be created so that you can see how your task list impacts other tasks that you are completing, a task management system will be you be better organized and ready to conquer your task list!

B. Smoother Collaboration

Most project management tools have built-in comment sections that support active team collaboration. This helps your team exchange ideas and communicate about projects effectively. It also makes it easier for them to recommend project changes and take action on any important updates.
Additionally, as work, communication, and files are stored within your project management app, it’s easier for the whole team to stay updated about a project’s status.

C. Increased Productivity

Structured organization and streamlined collaboration lead to increased productivity.
If it’s easy to access all your project material, and it’s easy to collaborate with your team, you’re going to get through your task list quicker, right?
As everything is available within the same project management app, you’ll have no difficulty mapping out projects, monitoring progress, and executing effectively.

Project Management for Remote Work

Remote teams needs a tool that can keep up, no matter where they're located. Learn how project management software can help your team be more productive than ever!

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