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Jira Project Management

On the prowl for a JIRA alternative that your developers and IT team will appreciate?
There’s no shortage of options, so don’t fret if you are preparing to replace JIRA, and are looking for JIRA alternatives.
And what you’ll find on the other side will be a nice (and pleasant!) surprise, as you explore the world of alternatives to JIRA software.
Your agile software development team and project management group will find the post- JIRA world to be quite efficient and user-friendly.
Those who test the waters outside of JIRA will find it was well worth the risk as they dove into other project management software options.
Alternatives to JIRA, such as Basecamp, Zoho Project, or ClickUp, provide innumerable benefits ranging from a lower comparable cost (in some instances no cost at all), application link time tracking, excellent integrations, to-do lists, superior flexibility and agility, comprehensive integrations, and robust tools for collaboration.
You’ll also get advanced filters, advanced search functionality and mobile apps to boot. Give an alternative a chance and you will quickly find JIRA is an inferior project management tool in numerous ways.

JIRA is Powerful, But Complicated

JIRA is certainly a valuable project management solution tool. This agile project management software empowers your group to communicate through basic channels with ease.
JIRA software allows for integration with external systems, provides an overview of team activity, encourages team collaboration, lets users establish permission settings, complete scrum projects and customize important workflows. JIRA provides bug tracking to boot. You can even add innumerable integrations to help your team with their software development projects without hassle.
There is no doubt JIRA is quite a flexible project management tool. If your tech team and project management group is like most others, they find considerable value in managing projects with this program.
Your group might have even tapped into JIRA’s most complex features that empower your managers to establish a highly customized system that works in accordance with their unique aims. However, looking for a JIRA alternative is prudent for a number of reasons.

Why look for a JIRA alternative?

JIRA is a hard tool to learn.
Take a moment to consider the massive onboarding effort required to learn this nuanced project management software.
The learning curve is steep, to say the least. Your software development team doesn't want to spend time learning project management software: they want to complete the task at hand!
If those who have used JIRA are honest, they will admit the software is clunky. It is not an intuitive interface, and users will also testify using this program on a daily basis is somewhat frustrating, which is not the intention of a good project management tool.
Whatever project management software you choose should make your life easier!
Outdated interface.
JIRA has plenty of inefficiencies and often proves overly-complex for task management.
Agile teams that have tried the customization options find the process to be cumbersome. Those who are looking for a way to enhance team productivity will find JIRA’s user experience design to be unnecessarily complex.
It takes considerable time and effort to figure out how to use this interface in an efficient manner with your team: that's time that keeps you from being able to complete multiple projects in an efficient manner.
No multiple assignees. 
Furthermore, when tasks require team collaboration, JIRA’s weaknesses really stand out. The software does not permit multiple assignees. What happens is that many people become watchers on the task, chipping in their comments and working on issues. This gets complicated for management quickly, which is not the purpose of a project management tool.
However, this is messy and inefficient, because you end up with two lists: the official JIRA assigned person and then the actual team working on the issues.
Not for everybody.
In the end, no one will argue the fact that JIRA was built with a development team in mind. Organizations that do not rely on developers will find JIRA to be ineffective. If you are not a software development team, or issue tracking, or looking for bug tracking options, you will find Atlassian JIRA to be far too much for your team!
As a result, there will be a significant disconnect when others are using a different program and expect compatibility with a project management team that relies on JIRA. Add the fact that JIRA is quite pricey and you’ll see why so many are looking for alternatives to the software.

Looking for a JIRA alternative?

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