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ClickUp's guide to all things project management.

Master Comparison

Trying to find the right tool? We've brought together multiple comparisons for you! You can see our ultimate comparison chart here, or read on to see pros and cons for multiple project management software programs!

1. ClickUp

ClickUp is one of the most highly rated project management tools available today. It’s got loads of features that you just won’t find in any other project management software.
Here’s a closer look at some features that put ClickUp in a league of its own.
  • Custom Views
  • Custom Statuses
  • Assigned Comments
  • Gantt Charts
  • Spreadsheets
  • Time Tracking
  • Reminders
  • Inbox
  • Custom Fields
  • Docs
  • Mind Mapping
  • Integrations
ClickUp Cons:
  • Does not have foreign language versions

2. Asana

Asana is an incredibly popular project management tool used by companies all over the globe. Here’s what makes this online project management tool so popular.

Asana Pros

  • Project timelines for simple workflow management
  • Tons of helpful integrations
  • Drag and drop functionality for task management

Asana Cons

  • Limited features on the free version
  • Team members will find it hard to collaborate over a plan
  • Not meant for heavy project management

3. Jira

Jira is a bug tracking and project management software. Its primary purpose is to help you manage Agile and Scrum teams, organize your project tasks, and capture and record software bugs
Jira Pros
  • Powerful Agile views
  • Custom workflows
Jira Cons
  • Jira is not user-friendly
  • No collaboration features

4. Basecamp

Basecamp is a classic project management and team communication software that’ll help you track project and task progress, store and share relevant documents, and communicate with your project team.
Basecamp Pros
  • Easy collaboration features
  • "Campfires" for team and project communication
Basecamp Cons
  • Not frequently updated
  • Pricing can be prohibitive for small teams

5. Podio

Podio is a good project management tool with tons of app integrations. Here’s a closer look at it.

Podio Pros

  • User-friendly interface
  • Loads of add-ons in the app store
  • Can handle custom integrations

Podio Cons

  • Lacks in-house functionality such as assigned comments and reports
  • Can't handle complex projects

6. Trello

Trello is a simple Kanban project management tool that’s very popular these days. Here’s a closer look at its features.

Trello Pros

  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Easy task management and scheduling
  • Useful power-ups for additional functionality

Trello Cons

  • No views other than Kanban views
  • No reporting features
  • Cannot manage complicated projects
  • Relies on external integrations for functionality
  • No advanced features like native Mind maps, Docs and Gantt charts

7. Notion

Notion is a popular productivity application that aims to unify your company’s work processes. With a clean Kanban board interface, it simplifies the process of creating, storing and collaborating over detailed project documents. 
Notion Pros
  • Note-taking
  • Multiple views
  • Integrations
Notion Cons
  • Complicated
  • Not a dedicated project management software
  • Not scalable

8. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-based project management software that helps you manage, track and plan projects in real-time. It offers you tons of features such as project reporting and tracking timelines to help you stay on top of your project developments.
Smartsheet Pros
  • Reporting features
  • Powerful automations
Smartsheet Cons
  • Not user friendly
  • Limited calendar view

9. Clarizen

Clarizen is an adaptive cloud-based collaborative work management solution. This enterprise plan can quickly turn ideas into strategies, plans, and actions in order to respond to changing market conditions. 
Clarizen Pros
  • Detailed dashboards and reports
  • Created for large teams, not single users
Clarizen Cons
  • Have to contact sales team for pricing
  • Created for large teams, not single users (this is a pro and a con)

10. Teamwork

Teamwork is a great online project management tool. Here’s a closer look at its features.

Teamwork Pros

  • Loads of customizability
  • Lots of in-built features such invoicing for clients using native timesheets
  • Good mobile applications

Teamwork Cons

  • Cannot handle complex project management
  • Not many features offered on the free plan

11. Monday

Monday is another good online project management solution available today. Formerly known as Dapulse, here’s what makes Monday special.

Monday Pros

  • Open API architecture allows you to add custom integrations
  • Detailed reporting capabilities
  • Ability to add freelancers and third-party agents

Monday Cons

  • Cannot handle complex projects
  • No free plan
  • Mobile apps need work

12. Flow

Flow is a cloud-based task management and project management solution that helps businesses plan projects, assign tasks, prioritize to-dos and manage work.
Flow Pros
  • Can create dashboards
  • Invite users to specific areas
  • Multiple views
Flow Cons
  • Hard to see what others are working on
  • Can be difficult to navigate

13. Airtable

Airtable is an easy-to-use database and spreadsheet software. It lets you add “records,” or cells of data, to a comprehensive data table. This grid view serves as your default Airtable workspace.  
Airtable Pros
  • Templates
  • Spreadsheets
Airtable Cons
  • Setting up tasks is complex
  • No detailed reporting

14. Todoist

Todoist is a to-do list app to help you keep track of your personal errands, goals, and habits in one simple app. 
Todoist Pros
  • Simple to-do list
  • Tells you at the end of the week how much you've accomplished
Todoist Cons
  • Missing major features needed for a robust project management tool

15. Wrike

Wrike is an award-winning web-based application for project management.

Wrike Pros

  • Enterprise-level project management capabilities
  • Tons of in-built features such as time tracking and file sharing
  • Detailed reports and insights to calculate deliverables

Wrike Cons

  • Mobile apps lack functionality
  • Not user-friendly – especially for beginners

16. Workzone

Workzone is a tried and tested web-based software that’s been around since 2000. Here’s why it’s still a great project management tool.

Workzone Pros

  • Straightforward project management
  • Powerful to-do lists
  • Good reporting capabilities

Workzone Cons

  • Mobile applications need work
  • Lacks features like assigned comments and multiple views
  • The interface is dated

17. ProofHub

ProofHub is another big name in the world of project management. Here are the features that make this web-based software a good choice.

ProofHub Pros

  • Loads of customizability
  • Good security features like custom access rights
  • Powerful mobile applications for iOS and Android

ProofHub Cons

  • Lacks additional functionality such as budgeting capabilities
  • Not meant for complex projects
  • Reputation for bugginess

18. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is another Kanban-based project management tool that’s really popular. Here are some of its key features.

MeisterTask Pros

  • Loads of customizability
  • Team members will find it easy to collaborate over a plan
  • Loads of integrations with tools like Slack and GitHub

MeisterTask Cons

  • Cannot handle complex projects
  • Mobile tools lack functionality
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