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Monday Project Management

Monday is a powerful project management platform. Formerly known as Dapulse, it aims to simplify and streamline your team’s project management activities. It’s got several features to help you get tasks done on time and facilitate effective team collaboration.
You may have seen it advertised when you search for project management software, and on social media: they have a big marketing budget, and they aren't afraid to use it!

What makes Monday a great Project Management Tool?

We have to admit it: Monday is a great tool! It has quite a few amazing features that are helpful for both novice and experienced users! Let's take a look at a few of those features!

1. User-Friendly Interface

Monday has an intuitive project management software UI that’s functional and easy on the eyes. All your projects and tasks are neatly sorted and color-coded by what stage they’re in. Navigating the Monday desktop app is a breeze and won’t confuse even the most novice user.
Here’s what project managers can do from your intuitive Monday dashboard:
  • Add rows (essentially each row is a task)
  • Work on team management by assigning tasks or projects to employees 
  • See the exact status of each project (kind of – you have to manually add it to a column)
  • Plan your project timeline
  • Access visual project management and quickly see where your projects stand

2. Easy Team Communication

Monday facilitates effective team communication through a comment section under each project. Unlike other tools that only let you add text, Monday’s comment sections support tagging, images, videos, and links. 
You can even follow social media threads on Twitter and Facebook to keep track of any new developments.

3. Checklists

Monday comes with powerful checklists to help you stay on track. You can even embed these checklists within tasks to make them part of your teams work too.

4. Third Party Collaboration

Most project management tools only allow employees to access projects and tasks. While this is a good security measure, it makes it impossible to work alongside freelancers and clients.
The Monday app, however, lets you add third-party collaborators to your project space. You can customize the access rights of your clients to ensure they only see projects in your workflow that involve them. 
This way, you can work with whomever you want without worrying about your security. It also comes with Google single sign-on and two-factor authentication for additional safety.

5. Loads of Integrations

Monday has an extensive list of integrations for added functionality. It can seamlessly integrate with apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Zapier.
It’s also built on an open-source API framework. The API allows anyone to obtain the tool’s source code and add as many custom integrations as they want. This makes customizing your Monday experience a piece of cake.

Why Look for a Monday Alternative?

Despite its many benefits, might not be the best project management tool for you. Here are a few of the limitations and missing important features that hold it back from being truly great.

No free version

Is there a free version?
Nope. Unlike other project management tools, Monday has a free trial but no free version. The free trial only lasts for two weeks then, will cost you if you want to continue using the tool!

Pricing per Groups

The pricing plan is based on groups of users, as opposed to a per person rate given by other project management platforms. The project management software pricing starts with a minimum of up to 5 users and so on. So, if you have a team of 12, you’ll have to sign up for an account that supports up to 15 users. There are no plans with unlimited users.
Moreover, the cost gets steeper within these group subscriptions if you want more features like the ability to share boards with people outside the organization, external integrations, timeline view, and more than 5GB of storage space, all inside the same management tool, without using integrations like a Google doc, or time tracking software.

No Assigned Comments

Having the ability to assign a comment to a teammate can be very helpful. It allows you to instantly create a task that’s assigned to a single person. You don’t need any complicated project spaces or task lists – all it takes is a comment and you’re good to go - no repetitive tasks of making sure that the person you'd like to complete the task has seen your comment! 
Moreover, the person will be notified of this comment; they won’t have to read through endless comment threads to understand specifically what they need to do. It makes assigning quick tasks a piece of cake and can make the life of project managers far easier. Unfortunately, Monday doesn’t offer you this.
You’ll have to resort to the old-fashioned way of creating separate project tasks instead. This impractical approach will take far more time and effort. Not an ideal situation when you’re working with strict deadlines, right?

No Mind Mapping

Mindmaps are an incredibly useful tool  for project strategizing and ideation. You can craft detailed maps outlining what needs to be done and how you’ll proceed with it. Unfortunately, Monday doesn’t offer you a mind mapping feature. You’ll have to turn to an external tool instead. And if there’s one thing we can all agree on, having separate tools for separate features is never a good idea. You want to keep all of your projects inside one collaboration tool if you can help it!

Cannot Toggle Between Views

While having multiple views is great, it’s not helpful if you can’t switch between them on a project. Monday gives you a selection of views to use in a project but once you select one, that’s it. You’re stuck with it until your project is finished.
There’s no way to switch from an Agile project management view to a GTD-style list view in the same project space. This makes it hard to cope with the dynamic nature of project management where different departments have different preferences: not everyone looks at a task the same way! What if you needed a Gantt chart, but your colleague wanted to see all of their tasks as a list? Since you can’t switch between views to cater to their preferences, you’ll have to buy separate tools for each team. 

The Name Causes Confusion While Working! 

In 2018, Dapulse made the decision to re-brand their tool as “Monday”, yeah… like the day of the week Monday.
In a project management tool, that's a recipe for confusion!
This seems like a nit-picky con for the platform, but if users have to clarify the day of the week and the name of platform, that can get exhausting.
Instead of saying "I set up our project on Monday," people have to clarify: Did they set it up on the platform? Or did they set it up on Monday, the day of the week?
Your project management tool should lead to cohesion, not confusion!
Read on for more project management tool comparisons.

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