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Notion Project Management

Notion is a popular productivity application that aims to unify your company’s work processes. It’s a common workspace for your team to collaborate, share notes and manage projects together. With a clean Kanban board interface, it simplifies the process of creating, storing and collaborating over detailed project documents. 

Key Features of Notion

While the first Notion app released just a year ago, it’s already started to get noticed in the productivity field. Here’s a detailed look at a few features that help it stand out:

1. Powerful Note Taking

One of the most important Notion features is a powerful note-taking. You can add a list, plain text, videos, sound,  code snippets – it’s up to you. This makes creating a standalone page or database a breeze.
With rich text formatting, your team will be able to add comments and craft detailed notes that accurately reflect a project’s requirements.

2. Tasks and Projects

While Notion is primarily a wiki tool, you can use it to assign tasks and create projects for your team. As each task is stored on a Kanban board, you can easily move these tasks around and link processes together. 
You can even create folders to further categorize your notes. Users can also enable task notifications to stay informed of any new project developments.

3. Templates

To cut setup time, the Notion program allows you to create templates for your notes. This makes it easy to replicate pages in your database and create new pages in seconds. 
For example, you can easily create a standardized template for writing all your blog posts. The next time your content team needs to create a new article, they can use that template to get started. 

4. Multiple Views

Notion’s main view is a drag and drop Kanban board interface. While it’s simple and does the job well, tracking tasks in this view can be difficult for some users. 
However, Notion also offers you a to-do list view that organizes all your tasks in a handy to-do list. This allows you to instantly take stock of what’s on your plate if you prefer a GTD approach to productivity

5. Integration

Your Notion workspace can integrate with tons of current tools to streamline your workflow. It supports integration with tons of email and website tools like Typeform, the Google Calendar app, and Google Drive.

Why Look for a Notion Alternative?

While Notion is a good knowledge base program, it isn’t perfect. Here are a few issues that hold it back from being the perfect solution for your needs.

1. Can’t Compete With Dedicated Project Management Tools

Notion wants to market itself as a project management alternative. However, it lacks a lot of the task management features that you’d expect from one.
Built-in Gantt charts, assigned comments, reminders and customizable project statuses are just a few project management staples missing from Notion’s feature list.

2. It’s Complicated To Work With

Notion’s selling point is its customizability. You can customize your docs on a project-by-project basis to get the best out of them. However, this “openness” is also a problem. 
This extensive customizability makes onboarding difficult as it can be overwhelming for most novice users. Additionally, as everyone is continuously editing documents, you can’t establish a consistent workflow

3. Not Scalable

Notion is a tool that’s primarily built for individuals and small teams. It’s not an effective collaboration solution for larger companies; unless they solely want to use it as a knowledge base
Large teams can’t score big with Notion’s limited collaborative capabilities and are better suited to a dedicated project management tool instead.

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