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Trello Project Management

Trello is a simple Kanban board project management tool that’s very popular. Trello is known for it's simple, user-friendly interface, easy task management and scheduling, and useful power-ups for additional functionality.

Benefits of Trello Project Management

Trello is incredibly simple. This simplicity makes it attractive to users from all walks of life.
The organization is simple; being able to organize your projects into boards gives you a birds-eye view of a project at a moment’s notice. You can quickly see what tasks need to get done and who’s responsible for doing them.
You can also map out the timeline of a project by adding multiple columns and populating them with cards for tasks.
It’s easy to grasp and works well for managing simple personal projects or creating to-do lists. 
All of the above features and the basic workflow of Trello are super useful for task management. If you’re looking for something that can solve all of your problems in one place, however, wouldn’t you consider upgrading your productivity arsenal?
Trello tries to solve productivity enhancement with their Power Ups system. Basically, you can enable features like invoicing, reporting, time tracking, recurring tasks, calendar integration, and more. What’s the catch?

Why Look for a Trello Alternative?

If you’re searching for Trello alternatives, you probably already know why you want to switch. 
But it’s still a good idea to go over where Trello falls behind to give you a better idea of what you should look for in an alternative tool
1. Its Interface Is Too Simple 
Trello’s simple Kanban interface is actually one of its biggest calling cards.
It’s sleek, quick and easy to use.
So why is the simple Kanban interface a problem?
Because that’s all it is.
A Limited View Provides Limited Data
There’s only so much you can do with a Kanban board. At some point, you’ll need to go in deeper to tweak with project requirements and break down tasks effectively. Unfortunately, with Trello boards, that’s not an option.
Sure, Trello users can move cards around; but there’s only so many Trello cards you can have on your screen at a time, right?
Not Suitable for All Departments
Different departments in your company will prefer different tools.
For example, your software development teams would prefer a Kanban view for task management, but your marketing teams might not be thrilled about Kanban software. They’ll likely prefer a list-based tool for their project workflow.
Unfortunately, you can’t switch between multiple views in Trello.
Even a small team is forced to Kanbanize their processes to get things done. They're forced to adapt to the Kanban approach of Trello boards - even if it slows their work down.  
What Should You Look For
When looking at Trello alternativesgo for a tool that offers you multiple views to adapt to any department workflow in your company – such as list and calendar views.
2. Poor Team Management Capabilities
Another issue with Trello’s Kanban method is that it makes team management difficult.
Here’s how:
A. Cannot Add Multiple Assignees
Trello doesn’t allow project managers to assign more than one team member to a task. This is a problem when you’re dealing with complex projects that need to be handled by more than one person. As you can’t add multiple assignees to a task, team collaboration is forced onto a separate software instead. 
B. Managers Can’t Take Stock Of Their Team’s Workload
Trello makes it difficult for project managers to keep track of their team’s workload. Trello users can’t view multiple boards at once – they have to go through each one individually. 
Without these overviews, you can’t instantly take stock of what everyone’s working on and reassign items in a flash. This makes managing multiple projects nearly impossible.
What Should You Look For
Choose a Trello alternative that gives you good team management features. Features like project overviews and multiple assignees allow your project managers to distribute and monitor project timeline effectively.
3. Not Built For Complex Project Management
Trello cards aren’t built for complex project management.
Trello relies on paid ‘Power-Ups’ (add-ons) for most of their project management features. Some of these Power-Ups include:
  • Gantt Chart
  • Calendars
  • Priorities
While this (sort of) gets the job done, why should Trello users have to pay for add-ons to manage their projects?
Shouldn’t your project management software already do that for you?
But wait, that isn’t all.
Unless you’re a Trello business class or Trello Gold user, you’re limited to just one Power-Up.
Want to use custom fields and Gantt Charts?
Too bad. 
You have to choose just one.
What You Should Look For
Opt for Trello alternatives that have enough built-in features to manage the type of projects you work with. These features will vary depending on the usual scope of your projects, so carefully go over the standard features of every tool.
For example, Gantt Chart is a must if you handle software development projects regularly, However, if you generally manage content projects, this feature may not be necessary to your project management solution.
No worries! Whether you're an agile team or kanban software connoisseur, read on to find your perfect Trello alternative.

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