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Find the Best Project Management Software

Find the Best Project Management Software
If price is not the main consideration for your project management tool, then make sure that you know exactly what you want as you compare best project management software. Focus on the exact tools and functionality that you and your team need to accomplish your goals.
Here are some of the things you need to review while evaluating project management software!

Features and Integrations

What features do you need? What features are must-haves for your business? Make sure those are some of the #1 items you are looking for while narrowing down your options for project management software!
If the project management software does not have those features, do they have a roadmap of upcoming features? Do they list when they are coming out with the new features that you are looking for?
If it does have these features, is it a native integration? Or will it require an external integration, like Zapier?
Here are some features you may want to look for: time tracking, ability to create a Gantt chart, a Kanban board, unlimited users, file sharing, unlimited projects, custom fields, recurring tasks, and more!

Test the Support

Before you commit to a project management software, test out the support options.
  • Is the software well-documented, and are there tutorials to help you master the program?
  • When you look at YouTube, are you able to find tutorials from other users of how they implement the platform?
  • Does the project management tool offer custom onboarding options for your team?
  • What happens when you contact support?
You need a tool to be able to manage your complex projects - not a complex collaboration tool that's too hard to use!


While price is not your number one consideration, it's worth your time to check out the costs.
As your team grows, how will your costs for the plan grow? Will the software tool be able to grow and scale with you? Make sure that you know the costs before you commit to the software.
Know these answers:
  • What happens if you add new teammates?
  • How do you pay for the software? Cost management will be important!
  • How often do you pay for the software? Are there any discounts?
  • Are there any trainings offered to help you onboard your team?

Testing Period

Once you start to find a few software options that you like, pick out two or three, and ask for a trial.
Get your team involved, so they can give their feedback on the platform! It will be helpful to get the feedback on how the project management app works from the users who will be actively using the project management solution every single day!
Here's what you should be looking for during your testing period:
  • Ease of use - is this software usable for your team? Will be they able to move forward with it, and use it?
  • Feature integrations - are these features going to serve your team's needs?
  • Support - reach out to the support team to find out what kind of software support you can expect long-term!

Make an Implementation Plan

Once you've narrowed down your choices, make an implementation plan so you can manage your complex projects.
Know how you're going to onboard your team, and transfer your data. If you can test the import process during your trial period, that will help you prepare to bring the whole team on.
Find out what kinds of permissions are offered with the new project management software, and how you can work with your team in the software. Are you able to designate admins or power users? Or will you have to oversee every step of the process?
Read on to deep dive into an overview of many different free and paid project management software options!

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