Project Management 101

ClickUp's guide to all things project management.


You can't run a successful marketing campaign without a project plan, and you can use project management software to run that campaign!
Many marketing teams struggle with the basics of workflow management. In this section, you’ll see some ideas for how you can use a task management system to help you move through your work faster.

Streamline Your Process

What is slowing you down? Is it too many task approvals? Too much research? Spending time tracking down every task status?
  • Is it worth having every element professionally designed or re-edited?
  • Can that interior blog graphic squeak by?
  • Is there a way to change text on your banner ad without sending it back to the designer for small tweaks?
A task management app will help you keep on top of your team's tasks, every step of the way, and increase your productivity, because your team will always know exactly how to prioritize tasks!
Re-evaluating your process and dismantling it down to the project tasks will help you move faster and realize your goals sooner than you ever expected. Creating a checklist of the right steps with who is responsible for the work solidifies the process and creates accountability for each item that needs to be done.
Once this is complete, you can save the checklist as a template to ensure that each step of the workflow is there for future tasks, helping your team make progress significantly faster, increasing their productivity!
Checklists and templates empower a collaborative team approach to managing tasks and the multiple steps that a task may require for completion.
Need to see how each task impacts the rest of the tasks? See task dependency with a Gantt chart, so you'll clearly see your workflow and know the exact next steps your team has to make to complete your project work.

Create a plan

With a plan, you’re creating a sturdy platform for your team to excel. With an in-depth project plan, you’re giving them confidence. It’s a show of faith and trust in their abilities, with a blueprint that’s up-to-date and easy to follow. Project plans often include items like budget, scope, deliverables and a timeframe for completion.
When you implement a task management solution, a precise workflow will unite your marketing team around a common goal and will give a high-level overview of tasks and projects, so you'll never have to worry about tracking multiple tasks are the same time - you'll know your task progress easily! 

Have a central place for information

Much of what slows down teams in their workflow management is the lack of a central place for information. If you’re always sharing details and ideas in Slack or by email, you won’t have a central repository for everything.
Switching from email to your document storage to your company knowledge system to the folders on that one person’s desk is a chore. Hunting down work is part of the work. But you don't have to spend all of your time tracking down information!
With one central location to find your team's tasks, your team will have a go-to place for information, even if you’re across time zones or offices. A task management system will give you that one go-to place for all information. You’re trying to reduce friction, right? So why use more than one tool?
How can a better workflow help you become a better performer and rockstar?
Efficient, repeatable processes help see all of your team's tasks, and help you work more effectively. You want your process to be crisp no matter the size of the project, so as your scale and scope grow, you’ll be ready and disciplined. You won’t be scrambling and fretting; you and your team will be prepared.
You’ve already planned the work and worked the plan with a ruthless process, so you know it works.
A consistent, refined workflow is how you minimize waste and achieve more for your company.
The game-winners don’t come without mastering the fundamentals, and having a lean workflow helps you to do that.


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