Project Management 101

ClickUp's guide to all things project management.

Project Management

You know that you need a project management tool.
But how do you choose the right one tool?
It’s simple!
Just look for project management software that has these four key things:
Project Management Software

A. Comprehensive Features

Remember, your project management tool has to manage your entire project management process.
It needs to have the features to deal with that.
Only look for a management tool that can manage all the aspects of your usual project management process. 
It should ideally include:
  • Project planning to plan your projects effectively
  • Collaboration software to help your team collaborate easily
  • Project progress tracking to monitor your team’s progress
  • Document storage to store and create important project documents
  • Goal-setting to give your team a set of deliverables to work towards
  • Reminders to remind you of your recurring task deadlines
  • Distinct statuses to keep you updated about project updates and every task status
  • Client access rights to give your clients an update about their project progress
Important Note: Your company may not currently need all the features of a project management tool. 
However, avoid choosing a project management platform that’s a simple list app. You need a project management system that you can use for a long time.
The best option is to choose a tool that is easy to use for basic project management but packed with powerful features that will become important as you scale up.

B. Customizability

This is your project management tool. It should adapt to your team and your needs.
It shouldn’t be the other way around.
To help with managing tasks, look for a project management software tool that can adapt to your company’s unique needs. Whether it's the interface, the statuses, the reminders, the views - everything should be customizable to suit your team’s needs, so you can track your task status from start to project completion.
If you’re using a tool that isn’t built for your team , it’s going to slow you down - not speed things up. If you can't figure out your task list, you're not going to be able to keep up with your project management!

C. User-Friendliness

There’s no point having a feature-rich tool that you can’t use, right?
If a project management tool is difficult to use, it’s not worth it.
Your team is going to be wasting time figuring out how to use the software instead of working!
Your project management solution is supposed to simplify your project management process - not complicate it. You'll want to make sure that you never lost track of important tasks because your project management app is too hard to use!

D. Integrations

Even though your project management tool is supposed to have everything you need to manage your project work, it might not be enough.
Sometimes you just need to use external tools to get your work done, outside of your project management system.
For example, every company needs to manage expense tracking and resource allocation. 
But most project management software doesn’t come with those features built-in.
So what do you?
A good project management solution must be able to integrate with any other tool you already use, to ensure that everything remains unified. This way, even though the project management tool can’t support this feature by default, it can use your external tools and software to give you the functionality you need to track your team's tasks.

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