Subprocessors table.
Sub-processor Activities Personal Data Location(s)
Algolia Search service Tasks, tags, documents, comments, attachment names and ids. USA, Germany
Amazon Web Services Infrastructure (Cloud Service Provider) N/A USA, Brazil, Germany, India, Australia, South Korea
Amplitude Developer tool, Analytics Name, email, IP, account information USA
Appcues Onboarding N/A USA
Attribution Marketing analytics Email, username, IP, team name USA
Braintree Billing Account billing information USA
Calendly Collaboration N/A USA
Canny Product feedback Email USA
Clearbit Marketing Email USA
Datadog Application and infrastructure monitoring Request metadata, IP, account id USA
Drip External communication Email, name, account id USA
Elasticsearch Search service Task data used for search USA, Germany
Facebook Marketing N/A USA
Fivetran Developer tool, Analytics Email, name, IP, account information, task and usage data USA
Front External communication Email, name, account id USA
Fullstory Developer tool, Analytics Account ID USA
Google Analytics Analytics, marketing N/A USA
Google Firebase Cloud Messaging Notification messaging Firebase installation ID, notification data USA
Hubspot External communication, Marketing Email, name USA
Intercom External communication, documentation Name, account id USA
Ironclad Contract management Email, name, contact information, associated contracts USA
Linkedin Marketing N/A USA Developer tool N/A USA
Nylas Email, calendar, and contact integrations Email, email content, calendars, contacts, and associated task information USA Marketing Email, name, account id USA
Pendo Developer tool, Analytics Account ID USA
Rollbar Developer tool Error & device information, id, login name, email USA
Salesforce External communication, Customer relationship management (CRM), Marketing Name, email, phone, address, organization information, payment and invoice data, engagement metrics USA
Snowflake Infrastructure, Analytics (Cloud Service Provider) N/A USA
Twilio 2FA Phone number USA
  • 02/16/2020 - Added Datadog
  • 02/02/2020 - Added Algolia
  • 12/04/2020 - Added Salesforce, Attribution
  • 10/28/2020 - Added Snowflake, Amplitude, Fivetran
  • 10/13/2020 - Added Nylas, Ironclad, Firebase
  • 07/27/2020 - Added Locations, Twilio
  • 06/25/2020 - Added Clearbit
  • 04/20/2020 - Added, removed LogDNA

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